About me

Why choose me?

What do you need from your translator?


• I have worked within the language services industry for over ten years (including a three-year project management role with a UK-based language company).
• I've managed large multilingual projects and collaborated with clients big and small.
• I was selected for a one-month internship at the United Nations Office in Vienna, in 2007.
• I also have experience demonstrating computer-assisted translation tools to University translation students.

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• BA Joint Honours in French and Spanish; University of Leeds. First-class Honours (2005).
• MA in Applied Translation Studies, University of Leeds. Distinction (2007).
• TEFL Certificate; The Language House, Prague. 130 Hour Course. Strong Pass (2005).

A personal touch

Having immersed myself in languages for so long, I understand what is involved in adapting your words for the UK market. I know that translating demands much more than replacing Spanish/French words with their English equivalents. There are computer programs that can do that.

• I have a cultural knowledge of the countries in which French and Spanish are spoken, having spent time living in Mexico, Spain and France.
• I don't blindly translate mistakes in a text. I find and fix them.
• I can follow a specific or evolving brief (taking guidance in tone or style, for example).
• I maintain confidentiality.
• I'm flexible, using judgement and experience in conjunction with industry-leading language technology to achieve the best results at the best price.

Undivided attention

I give your project my focus from initial contact to completion. I'm as dedicated to a fifty-word product description as I am to a 50,000-word clinical study document. I draw on my experience in project management to identify and resolve potential issues before they occur, and I am on hand to guide you through the options to find the best English-language solution.


I'm a skilled communicator and collaborator. I'll take the time to understand your unique needs and will deliver your translation on brief and on time.


• Qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (Membership Number 10763).
• Volunteer translator for Médicins Du Monde, Kiva and CafeBabel.
• Mentor for the Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters mentorship scheme.
• Regular attendee of workshops, training, networking events and conferences run by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and by Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters.
• Committed to achieving 30 hours of CPD each year, from polishing my source language skills to enhancing my subject-specific knowledge.

“I love writing but I often can’t face the blank page.”

Edith Grossman

What makes me tick?

Before I had children, languages were my first love. Now, I combine a lifelong passion for linguistics with striving to raise my family in a sustainable way that protects their futures.

I can’t see myself ever doing anything else for a living.

I’m a perfectionist in all areas of life, which can be a challenge. But it’s a good thing for my clients, as I won’t sign off on a job until I know it’s the best piece of work I can deliver.

In my spare time, running helps me feel free and yoga helps me feel grounded. I’m a practical person who enjoys making things from scratch; whether it be clothes or bath salts.

Like most working parents, I don’t have enough time to curl up with a good book. Luckily, I get my fix for words through translation. So work rarely feels like a chore.

My passion for travel goes hand-in-hand with my love of languages, though I mostly visit countries on pages rather than planes these days.

Translation allows me to visit so many different worlds. I’m excited by where it might take me today.

What my clients say

Alejandra Garcia Paton, Translations Quality Manager for Medecins Du Monde.


“Working with Kate is always a pleasure. She is extremely professional, she respects deadlines and replies very quickly. I strongly recommend her as a translator.”