My professional services include:


I have extensive experience of translating a wide range of texts, from clinical study documentation to market research questionnaires and open-ended responses, from funding proposals to newsletters. You can view details of some of the documents I’ve translated here.

If you have a French or Spanish document you need to be translated into clear, natural-sounding English, I can help.

I will ask the relevant questions and take the time to understand your mission and values; what you want to say and how you want to say it. I will ensure that the finished product is not just a literal translation of your source document, but a piece of carefully-crafted, natural and effective English.


If you already have an English document on your desk (original or translation) and need me to check it for spelling and grammar mistakes, typos, awkward syntax, etc., I can help.

I am passionate about written perfection and enjoy nothing more than casting a critical yet objective eye over existing English. I offer a flexible, collaborative approach to help you achieve the desired result.

If required, I can even check the English in its final layout, whether online or in PDF format, making sure that the text is where it should be and that no errors have been introduced during the DTP process.


Maybe you have already had a document translated from French or Spanish into English and need reassurance that it is accurate and the best possible representation of your company or organisation. In addition to errors I check for during the proofreading process, this involves checking for omissions or mistranslations and ensuring the correct tone and style is used.

Editing (non-native English)

If you have written a document in English and this is not your mother tongue, I can help to ensure it is of publication standard. Examples include but are not limited to grant proposals and journal articles, and cover any of the fields in which I work.

Back translation

Over the course of 8 years working on documentation for the pharmaceutical industry, I have become familiar with this additional quality assurance process, often used in this sector, and understand the specific objectives that apply to this skill.

Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

Language technology is developing rapidly, but still has a long way to go. Human translators remain a vital cog in the translation wheel. This service involves editing the output of machine translation, primarily for language service providers.


Perhaps you have an English text that was originally created for an American, Canadian or Australian audience but needs to be just as effective for UK readers. I can pinpoint the changes necessary to produce the desired results.

“It is normally supposed that something always gets lost in translation; I cling, obstinately to the notion that something can also be gained.”

Salman Rushdie, Imaginary Homelands: Essays and Criticism 1981-1991

What my clients say

Ellen Finch, former Translations Manager, Ipsos MORI (MedTran team)

“Kate's work for MedTran consists of translating responses for open-ended questions from medical market research questionnaires, primarily from Spanish to English. Kate is professional, friendly and most importantly, she provides accurate translations and always delivers on time. A pleasure to work with.”