Specialist Fields

Specialist Fields

With over a decade of experience in this field, past projects have included:

  • Educational materials on the “The Human Body” (from anatomy to mental health)
  • Clinical case reports
  • Patient leaflets
  • Clinical study protocols
  • Pharmaceutical market research – open-ended responses
  • Adverse event reports
  • Journal articles
  • Documents relating to infectious diseases, child and maternal health, and harm reduction for medical NGOs.

I have translated for a number of different sectors, from telecoms to luxury audio equipment. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of documents required by businesses big and small, for their internal and external communications. Examples include:

  • CSR action plans and reports
  • Gender equality policies
  • Press releases
  • HR and training documents
  • Newsletters for employees, stakeholders and donors
  • Video scripts
  • Reports
  • Marketing materials (presentations, leaflets, websites, etc.)
  • Employee surveys and responses

I have collaborated with several not-for-profit organisations over the course of my career, translating website articles, funding proposals and reports in the following key areas:

  • Maternal and child health
  • Harm reduction
  • Infectious disease control
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Micro loans

A longstanding personal interest, covering a variety of fields, I can translate documents including:

  • Marketing content for green businesses, e.g. ethically manufactured clothing, zero-waste shops, natural health and beauty products, sustainable tourism, etc.
  • Sustainability reports and Corporate Social Responsibility reports
  • Environmental education materials
  • Academic articles relating to environmental issues

I have supported large hotel chains and independent holiday rental companies with their translation requirements, including:

  • Online hotel booking systems
  • Website content relating to hotel facilities, activities and events
  • Holiday villa descriptions
  • Local tourist information
  • Culture and heritage guides

This field allows me to really exercise my research muscles to pin down the correct technical terms whilst maintaining a clear, accessible writing style for those all-important instructions.

  • Software documentation for cloud sharing, backup and signing solutions
  • Software documentation for a digital asset management solution
  • Software strings for various online platforms
  • Engineer notes relating to medical imaging equipment
  • Technical specifications, product descriptions and user guides for a high-end audio equipment manufacturer

As a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, I can translate your personal documents into English and certify them with an official seal for a variety of official uses. Most of my clients are applying for university courses, visas or going through other legal procedures, and I offer a simple, quick turnaround with the option of a third-party review:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Medical reports (typed or legible handwriting)

“Prowling the meanings of a word, prowling the history of a person, no use expecting a flood of light. Human words have no main switch. But all those little kidnaps in the dark. And then the luminous, big, shivering, discandied, unrepentant, barking web of them that hangs in your mind when you turn back to the page you were trying to translate…”

Anne Carson, Nox

If you asked me when I was 10 what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you “conservationist” or “marine biologist”. The natural world fascinated and inspired me, from a very young age. What does this have to do with translation, you ask? Well, at the age of 11 I discovered language learning. It soon overtook science, and academically I never looked back.

Before I had children, languages were my first love. But my desire to do something helpful never faded, and temporarily led me to the charity sector before languages drew me back to uni for an MA in Applied Translation Studies. Now, I combine a lifelong passion for linguistics with striving to raise my family in a sustainable way that protects their futures. I realised a few years into my freelance career that it might just be possible to combine my passions and support those working in the fields I’m interested in.

Other specialisations have developed over the course of my career, due to the opportunities presented to me. My main areas of work are listed above, but these categories are not exhaustive by any means. If the work you want to have translated falls outside these areas, I would be more than happy to discuss and evaluate your needs. Chances are I’ll be able to help – or suggest someone else who can. Click here to get in touch.

What my clients say

Gillian Turnbull, Vendor Manager, The Translation People


We have been collaborating with Kate since December 2013 on marketing, medical and IT translations. She has translated +400,000 words to date for us and we highly recommend her services!